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Re: [amsat-edu] Re: Re: Re: Discovery Project: WhichMission Next?

Folks, can we keep cross posting on this stuff down to a MINIMUM??  I am not
part of the AMSAT-EDU e-mail reflector.  Yet it appears that another thread
has started over there based on likely, my comments.  I have no idea what
Allen was astounded about since I didn't see that post from him.  If I am to
be flamed for what one thinks my views on education and ham radio are, then
please do it on the list where the thread started.

Sorry to be a net nanny, but it's just a pet peave of mine.



on 8/30/00 7:15 PM, Arthur H Feller at w4art@amsat.org wrote:

> Hi, Allen,
> At 07:50 PM 30-08-00 -0400, Allen Emer wrote:
>> I am absolutely astounded
> Don't be.  Listen to the discussions and become part of the process.  Then,
> instead of being astounded, you'll understand.  See you at the Board
> meeting (always open!) in Portland where you can introduce your ideas for
> projects and how things should be done.
> Also, please keep in mind our prohibition against broadcasting, that is,
> transmissions intended for reception by the public.  We can't.  (The
> prohibition comes from treaty text and applies to all amateurs
> worldwide.)  Hams can do things for themselves that other might hear/see
> and make use of and enjoy.  But, we cannot normally direct programs to
> anyone but other amateurs.
> Hope this helps.
> 73, art.....

Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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