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Re: Re: Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

> Seems like you have failed to see through the "pipe".
> I don't believe that the allure to children is the ability
> to communicate via radio, but rather the opportunity to
> converse with an astronaut in space. Hams are only providing
> the medium (public service) to accomplish that goal.
> When faced with the decision of whether to allow an
> adult ham or a child the chance to engage in this
> activity, I'd find the reward far greater to choose
> the child.

Why is a child more deserving of a contact with an astronaut then an adult?
Personally, I've always dreamed of traveling into space and it would be one
of the greatest fulfillments of a lifetime to do so.  I still have that
boyhood dream in me.  Unfortunately, the way NASA takes such baby steps with
space travel at this point in time (and for good reason or so I think), I
likely will not be able to fulfill that dream in my lifetime.  So being able
to communicate with an astronaut is just as much of a thrill for me as it is
to a child.  I am not saying we shouldn't do experiments for schools and
special things and so forth.  We should.  But we should also open it up to
those of us who also get special delights out of such things.  The original
poster had proposed AMSAT spend basically a fortune to put some hardware on
the moon and then limit it to broadcasting telemetry for educational use.
If AMSAT were to spend the money I give them on a project like that, then
I'd resign my membership in a heartbeat.  It's fine to have demos for kids,
but if we are going to spend money on stuff then let's make it available to
everyone, adults included.

I see through the pipe just fine.



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