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Re: Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

> As to the nature of the mission, I would promote a moon based telemetry
> site for educational purposes. The reasons being:
I don't think we should use our frequencies just so that children can get
some telemetry from the moon.  I am all in favor for education being tied
into ham radio.  But being able to tune in a particular frequency isn't ham
radio.  Any dunderhead can do that.

Education is also a very narrow segment of the hobby and excludes a
tremendous number of the ham population.  I will not support such an expense
for a very limiting arena.  That is why I also have heartburn over the SAREX
or MIR or ISS missions being limited to just schools.  Why shouldn't I be
able to talk to astrounauts as well?  We limit the use of expensive payload
for an "educational pipe dream" (that all the kids who see the demo will
become hams - what is our success rate, really) at the expense of turning
off a good number of hams to space communications.

The moon doesn't need a repeater on it, either.  It IS a repeater!  Ever
heard of EME?



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