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Re: Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

Amsat has the expertise to do a piggyback mission to Mars or the Moon easily! 
 But it doesn't have the will to do so.  It would require leaving the realm 
of comfort.  Communications would not be the prime reason to do the mission.  
Repeaters on the Moon make little sense.  And of coarse Mars needs a 
communications network.  But, NASA probably will not be building that soon... 
 Unless hams build their own version of the Deep Space Network (maybe a three 
120 degrees a part Large Number Small Dish Arrays) communication there would 
be a really really weak signal detection problem.

Chris Vancil

PS I'm working on an Amateur Mars Balloon Mission if you'er interested look 
here: http://www.egroups.com/group/marsballoon

In a message dated 8/28/00 2:14:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, kd4kla@home.com 

> What are the possibilities of AMSAT doing a package or even a full-blown 
> mission?
>  There has been talk of landing a rover that could be remote-controlled on 
> the moon about a year ago. There was even recently a hint of doing a space-
> based telescope that would orbit the moon. What about a moon-based repeater 
> system?
>  Wouldn't this be the next STEP for AMSAT to take?
>  Maybe we could hitch a ride even and offer the use of the amateur service 
> send back telemetry for the scientific community from one those missions? 
> do have the knowledge base to put together a transciever package that could 
> do what they want PLUS have it work to our advantage also. This
>  transponder/transciever could be built so that we could use it when it's 
> in use sending telemetry back, based upon power budgets and schedules.
>  I see this as a challenge that AMSAT SHOULD take as we go into the next 
> decade. We have done plenty with orbiting spacecraft, how about taking it a 
> step further and expand AMSAT's reach and push that extra bit and go out 
> further?
>  What's the concensus? SHOULD WE OR SHOULDN"T WE?
>  James KD4DLA
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