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Re: FW: Phase 3D antenna questions

srbarker@chgw.com writes:
> >I have been looking into what my antenna farm might look like for a Phase
>  3D
>  >station, and I have some questions regarding L and S band antennas.  I am
>  >new to the microwaves, so a little help would be appreciated
>  >
>  >> Rest deleted for brevity <<

k5nrk@canufly.net writes:  
>  The Sep/Oct issue of The AMSAT Journal will contain an article by Jim
>  Koehler, VE5FP and Eric Rawson, KN6KC titled "Putting Together a L/S Band
>  Antenna System for the Phase 3D Satellite."  Also, the issue will contain 
>  article by Ed Krome, L9EK titled "Phase 3D New Bands: Antennas and
>  Transmitting."
>  BTW, lots of good stuff on Phase 3D in this issue including a detailed
>  description of scheduled Phase 3D launch preparation activities that will
>  take place in French Guiana in September and October; Infared Laser on 
>  3D; AMSAT Field Day Results; ARISS news and photos, and lots, lots, more.
>  The issue will be at the printer's next week and should be in members'
>  mailboxes no later than 01OCT00.
>  I hope this helps.

Wow, Russ, I can't wait!   01-Oct is an eternity away.... seriously, thanks 
for always finding great stuff to keep us looking forward to the next issue.

I might mention that the proclivity for helices at 13 cm is one of 
practicality:  they are naturally broadbanded and have non-critical 
construction.  Yagi-Uda beams at S-band frequencies require construction 
tolerances beyond most hams' garage workshop capability.  The L-band, at 23 
cm, is sort of the borderline and do-able with careful attention to 
dimensions.  There is an excellent L-band quagi design in the ARRL Antenna 
Handbook worth checking out if you want to build something fast and easy.  
And Samual, if you are interested, I also have some P3D Yagi designs and a 
(semi-succesful) helix for S-band at:  
Jerry, K5OE
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