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Ops wanted in VK and ZL. :-)

Hello All!

I'm doing a presentation with a quick demo of FM satellite operation for a
local radio club (would do SSB if I was 100% setup, but I'll see what I can
manage).  Unlike the US and Europe, the problem we have here is lack of
operators, last time I worked UO-14, I wound up talking to myself!  (which is
about the same result I've had on RS-13, except for skeds :( ).

It would be good if we could have a couple of VKs and ZLs come up on the 10:58z
(AOS in Melbourne) UO-14 pass this Friday (Sept 1) evening to make the demo a
bit more interesting.  No need to worry about crowds in our corner of the
world. :-)

Thanks in advance to anyone who comes up.  Hopefully the reward will be a few
more VK3s to inhabit the FM and SSB birds. :-)

P.S.  Hope to have the 2m transverter on test on next Monday's terrestrial net
here, if it passes that test, I should be ready for some serious SSB work on
the birds (though lugging out the HF box will be interesting... :) ).

Tony, VK3JED

.. lenged.
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