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Re: On phased arrays with azimuth and elevation beamforming

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000 Dquagliana@aol.com wrote:

> Recently I've read several (old) articles about the use of phased arrays
> to create a steerable "beam" (in azimuth).    I'd like to build a phased
> array system which I can switch in azimuth and elevation.   
> Can someone point me to a reference, article, or web page which 
> describes the theory behind changing the elevation of the beam ?  

I too have dreamed of this capability.  But it all boils down to having an
electronic module that can change the phase of the RF signal going to each
antenna.  So far, I have not found anything practical that we can afford.
In Radar, they do it with chunks of ferrite delay lines, where the DC bias
on the ferrite controls the phase delay through it.  This is OK at
microwave frequencies where dimensions are small, but impractical at VHF
and UHF?

To get an EME type gain (18 dB?) from a roof of say 2m dipoles, you would
need say 32 of them...

But I am ALL EARS and would love to hear how we can do it on our bands!


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