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Re: Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

Hello David!

28 Aug 00 20:07, you wrote to Jeffrey Davis:

 DP> I tend to concur.  As a relative newcomer, I'm still trying to work
 DP> the kinks out of transponder based birds.  Unfortunately, by the time
 DP> I figure everything out, it is usually out of site.  That's because

Hehehe, I still have to get my house in order, so to speak, but am close to
being able to work the linear birds.  Have to find somewhere to keep a couple
of rigs that get in the wav of me moving the HF box...

 DP> they are leo's.  The nature of the beast I guess.  However, I would
 DP> also agree that we need either Geo Syncronous (Yes, I'm aware of the
 DP> expense) or High Eart Orbit birds with transponders on them.  I mean
 DP> seriously, why can't we do a constellation of Geo birds and tie them
 DP> together?  Put some transponders on them, and use them as a global

Might be a bit expensive, but it would be interesting to have a few birds in
high orbits with some links between them, perhaps a couple to work alongside

 DP> would run into the millions, but we have a couple thousand hams world
 DP> wide that would be interested in such a venture.  Wouldn't it be cool
 DP> to work Europe or ZL Land from a handheld.  (WITHOUT an Arrow antenna)

Hmm, might be dreaming, unless local repeaters are used as gateways (this has
been done in VK via a commercial satellite on a temporary basis for JOTA). This
can be popular, though the problems of FM satellites apply, unless sufficient
linked systems are available.

Tony, VK3JED
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