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RE: Jewelry Contest

A couple queries:

1/ Is the answer for resonance as installed "ON the TUNA" (IE perahps with
GP or stray cap nearby) OR cap + coil connected in free space?

2/ When you say "correct answer to 6 decimal places" does this mean, as it
suggests, "to 1 Hz resolution" - and therefore, shall I assume resonance
when unloaded and/or with infinite Q?

(Or perhaps you mean '6 significant figures'?)

Just curious..

David Merrett,	VK5DSM
LC simulations Engineer, Jindalee project
BAE Systems, 
Ph   +618 8290 7001
Fax  +618 8290 8887


   8th Annual Jewelry Contest
       Portland, ME

TUNEY-TUNA: Capacitor-coil combination is
resonant in an Amateur Band. Capacitor
(eye) is 7 pF. Coil (mouth) is six turns
#24 sterling silver wire spaced one wire
diameter. Coil diameter is .25", length
is .25".  Angular opening at the center of
the coil is 30 degrees.

My entry:                MHz
(match correct answer to 6 decimal places)

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