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ANNOUNCEMENT: ARRL/TAPR 19th Annual DCC Sep. 22-24

September 1, 2000 is the last day to receive the special hotel room rate of
$89/night single or double and the pre-registration price for the

ARRL and TAPR 19th Annual
Digital Communications Conference
September 22-24, 2000 - Orlando, Florida

For more information see: http://www.tapr.org/dcc

Mark your calendar and start making plans to attend the year's premier event
in digital communications.  The 19th Annual ARRL and TAPR Digital
Communications Conference will be held September 22-24, 2000, in Orlando,
Florida - just minutes from the Orlando International

The ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference is an international
forum for radio amateurs in digital communications, networking, and related
technologies to meet, publish their work, and present new ideas and
techniques for discussion.  Presenters and attendees will have the
opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about recent hardware and software
advances, theories, experimental results, and practical applications.  The
Digital Communications Conference is not just for the digital expert, but
also for digitally oriented amateurs of all levels of experience.

A Conference for the Beginner as well
The conference is not just for the digital expert.  As in years past an
entire session strand with beginning, intermediate, and advanced
presentations on selected topics in digital communications will be offered.
Some of the topics will include: APRS, Satellite Communications, TCP/IP,
Digital Radio, Spread Spectrum and other introductory topics.  Come to the
conference and hear these topics presented by the experts!

Area Attractions
The Orlando Florida area is famous for its attractions and vacation spots.
Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World (just to name a few) are
within 15 minutes of the hotel.  Shuttle service from the hotel will be
available for a small fee.  Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach are a 30 minute
drive East of the hotel.

Symposia, Seminars and Banquet
Two symposia/seminars will be held which allow those with additional time
and interest to make the most of the Conference. For those who may have
interest in just one symposium or seminar, registration for the conference
is not required to attend these activities. This allows maximum flexibility
for those who may want to participate during the Digital Communications
Conference, but do not have an entire weekend to devote to the event.

The Fourth APRS National Symposium will be held on Friday and will be
moderated by Steve Dimse, K4HG (the developer of javAPRS). It will likely
include many APRS software authors, such as Bob Bruninga, WB4APR (the father
ofAPRS), Keith Sproul, WU2Z, Mark Sproul, KB2ICI (the developers of MacAPRS
and WinAPRS), Brent Hildebrand, KH2Z (the developer of APRSPLUS), Mike
Musick, N0QBF (developer of PocketAPRS), and other nationally known APRS
leaders.  Join this group for the afternoon and evening for in-depth
discussions and presentations on the current and future status of APRS. This
is a unique opportunity to gain insight into this fast-growing digital
aspect of amateur operations that combines computers, packet radio, and GPS
(Global Positioning System).

On Saturday night the DCC Banquet will be held. A guest speaker will speak
after the banquet and a prize drawing will top the evening.  The Grand Prize
is a Palm VII Personal Digital Assistant and  Synergy Systems LLC has
donated two M12 development kits and many more.

The Sunday morning seminar will be focused on PIC development, design, and
programming. This five-and-a-half hour seminar will focus on the things you
need to know now in order to understand and begin to participate in PIC

The 2000 ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference local co-hosts will
Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society
Orange County ARES/RACES
Seminole County ARES/RACES
and Orlando Amateur Radio Club

International Co-Hosts PRUG (Packet Radio User Group of Japan) will be the
International co-host for a third year running. PRUG will be hosting an
informal social Friday evening before their seminar and symposium is held.
Visit http://www.prug.or.jp for more information about PRUG.

Conference presentations, meetings, and seminars will be held at the Orlando
Airport Marriott.  It is highly recommended that you book your room prior to
arriving.  A special DCC room rate of $89/single and $89/double per night
has been blocked for 50 rooms and is available until September 1st, 2000.
Once the 50 rooms have been reserved, room rates will increase.  So be sure
to book your rooms early!  The hotel provides transportation to and from the
Orlando International Airport. Please contact the hotel to arrange specific
transportation needs.

Orlando Airport Marriott (conference hotel)
7499 Augusta Drive
Orlando, FL 32822
Phone 407-851-9000, Fax 407-857-6211

What you can expect at DCC 2000
- A full day of papers and breakouts for the beginner to the advanced
- Two seminars/symposiums
- The fifth annual Student Paper session.
- A banquet with Special Guest Speaker.
- Informal get-togethers throughout the weekend.
- TAPR Membership Meeting
- An event at which the most important new developments in amateur
  digital communications are announced.
- Digital 'movers and shakers' from all over the world in attendance.

There are few activities where your participation can be so much fun and
important! What a great way to share and renew your enthusiasm for digital
amateur radio! A get-together with colleagues and bringing each other up to
date on your latest work -- all this, and more, for an unforgettable weekend
of amateur radio and digital communications. We hope to see you at the ARRL
and TAPR Digital Communications Conference on September 22-24, 2000!

Full information on the conference and hotel information can be obtained by

Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
Phone: (940) 383-0000.
Fax: (940) 566-2544
Email: tapr@tapr.org
Web: http://www.tapr.org

Registration Form
Contact the TAPR office by Phone 940-383-0000, Fax 940-566-2544, or
Internet: http://www.tapr.org and tapr@tapr.org to register or for
additional information.

Conference Registration includes: Conference Proceedings, Sessions,
Meetings, and Lunch on Saturday.

- Pre-Registration (before Sept 1st)

                          $45.00 ______

- Registration (after Sept 1) or at door

                          $55.00 ______

- Saturday Evening Dinner (Limited Space)
Dinner with Guest Speaker
Prize Drawing

                         $30.00 ______


- 4th Annual APRS National Symposium
Friday, 1pm - 7pm.       $25.00 ______

- Sunday Seminar
PIC Design, Development, and Programming

Sunday, 8:30 am - 2 pm.  $20.00 ______

    TOTAL ______


Street Address:



Phone Number:


Charge my credit card (circle one):

VISA       MasterCard


Expiration Date:

Signature on card:

Mail completed registration form with check to:
8987-309 E Tanque Verde Rd #3378
Tucson, AZ 85749-9399

Or check http://www.tapr.org/dcc for an on-line registration form.

A registration packet will be mailed in September upon receipt of
registration form and payment.

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