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Re: proposal for maximizing fm leo contacts

Hello laura.

21 Aug 00 15:43, you wrote to All:

 >> Sadly, the gear to do the same [portable satellite operation]
 >> on SSB isn't on the market yet. :-(
 lh> Actually, it is. But you have to put it together. Use
 lh> available building blocks (e.g. the KK7B radios, available
 lh> in kit form from Kanga U.S.). Add a VXO for the uplink,
 lh> possibly another VXO for the downlink, a brick PA, and
 lh> you're in business. How small a box could you fit that
 lh> in to? When the time comes, you have a nice IF rig all
 lh> ready for P3D.

Well, not sure how compact I could make that lot.  Sheet metalwork isn't one of
my talents. :-)  I'm not familiar with these kits either, not being from the

 lh> I recently acquired an IC-202 (yes, an appliance -
 lh> but such a cute one!) and have had all sorts of

Nice IF rig. :-)  I wouldn't mind bumping into one either.

 lh> transverter thoughts looking at that great big gaping
 lh> battery bay that nobody ever seems to use...

Seems like the ideal place to install a transverter. :)  Now to locate an
unwanted 202...

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