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RE: Off topic - power line

There are so many different things that can-do-will cause electrical
noise.  The most important thing you need to know is how responsive
is the company to complaints?  If they are quick, do a good job, and
are responsive to your needs, no problem.

Some of the things that cause noise are:
loose connections
dirty insulators
animals on poles
tree limbs in wires
unfiltered appliances nearby

Rarely are the noises caused by generation, although bad brushes in
the DC exciter -could- cause some problems.  I work in a power plant,
and I listen to AM talk radio all day long.  But then again, we are
very careful to keep everything right here.  Also, the frequency you
operate will determine how susceptible your station is to noise.  I
would not like to listen to WWV on 60 kHz, but a 440 MHz repeater
shouldn't be a problem.  Your mileage may vary.

Good luck.


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> > Hello my friends
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> > Sorry the off topic email, but I need your help.  The story is: last
> > I bougth a piece of land to built my future house.  Since then I have
> > been working on the necessary paper work, and now, when I was about
> > to start building, I had an unpleasant surprise: the electricity company
> > is installing a new aerial high voltage line (15 kV) very close to my
> shack (about 4m).

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