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RE: Off topic - power line

I'm not sure about the "quality" of the power generated in Costa Rica but
I'm about 1km from a 138kv main supply line between San Antonio and
Floresville, TX.  The only "interference" that I get is from lightning
strikes to the towers.  I don't hear any hash or buzzing at all.  Unless the
power is particularly dirty you shouldn't have any troubles.  What you might
do is take your HF rigs and some portable antennas to sites where similar
lines are already built and operating.  See what kind of noises you can

Kevin, WB5RUE

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> Hello my friends
> Sorry the off topic email, but I need your help.
> The story is: last year I bougth a piece of land to built my future
> house.
> Since then I have been working on the necessary paper work, and now,
> when I was about to start building, I had an unpleasant surprise:
> the electricity company is installing a new aerial high
> voltage line (15
> kV)
> very close to my future shack (about 4m).

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