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Re: M2 antennas

>Hi All
>I'm looking at putting up new sat antennas and I have a question for 
>everyone. The question is, if you were going to put up a new set of 
>antennas would you go with the 2mcp22  / 436cp42ug combo or the
>2mcp14 / 43630cp combo. With 3d getting ready to go up and with the sats 
>that are up there now which way would you go?
>Going with the larger setup the beam with is much narrower than what the 
>smaller combo has. The smaller setup would let you move the rotors much 
>less but do you think the dB difference would be worth the extra money that 
>the larger set would cost.
>It would be nice since M2 came out with the switchable rh/lh option that 
>they would have come out with another model of the sat antennas that were 
>switchable. I can't see spending all of that money on a new set of antennas 
>just to have to spend a bunch more to change out NEW parts to make them 
>Please let me know what you think..
>73, Bill N4XEO
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Bill I would be very wary of M2's switchable option. I have had one on 
order since June. When they indicated a September shipping date, I 
cancelled since they clearly don't have their act together.

Pete de WK9K

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