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Re: M2 antennas

Bill Sinbine wrote:

> Hi All
> I'm looking at putting up new sat antennas and I have a question for
> everyone. The question is, if you were going to put up a new set of
> antennas would you go with the 2mcp22  / 436cp42ug combo or the
> 2mcp14 / 43630cp combo. With 3d getting ready to go up and with the sats
> that are up there now which way would you go?

I would go with the longer antenna set.  More receive signal never hurts.  Of
course I will point out that I'm running an AO-10 class station so I'm
spoiled.  I also have (now) computer control of the antenna pointing, and that
is convenient.  When I first put these antennas up they were manually
controlled and I did not find it to be that much of a hassle.  My biggest
problem was that the computer that was giving me pointing information was clear
across the shack from the satellite station and rotor controls.  I have since
re-arranged the shack and the satellite station is right next to the computer.

If you have a weak receive capability, it may be fine for P3D, but how about
AO-10.  Even FO-20 and FO-29 are easier with the good antenna system.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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