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Antenna Switching Question

I Have constructed a budget satellite station that actually works fairly
well. I use a 31 element log periodic with no elevation control for the low
angle passes and 2m and 70cm eggbeaters for the high angle passes. The log
periodic is connected to a duplexer and then to 2m and 70cm antenna inputs
on a FT-847 and when I change to the eggbeaters I unscrew the duplexier and
screw in the coax from the eggbeaters.

Now for my question... I would like to automate the process so a pass
starting at a low angle can be tracked by the log periodic and when the
pass reaches 30 degrees or so the system can be switched to the eggbeaters
and then back to the log for the tail end of the pass. I realize I could do
this with a couple of rotary coax switches but I would like to find a more
elegant solution (sending CW, adjusting the rotor, tuning for doppler and
reaching over to manually switch both antennas could get a little hectic).
I was wondering what the best automatic switching solution (relay from
button mounted on desk?) might be in terms of availability, cost and signal

Any help would be appreciated as I am going to the Boxborough hamfest this
weekend and would like to scrounge for the parts.

Thanks es 73,

Richard / N1VXW

Richard Lubash

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