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Off topic - power line

Hello my friends

Sorry the off topic email, but I need your help.
The story is: last year I bougth a piece of land to built my future
Since then I have been working on the necessary paper work, and now, 
when I was about to start building, I had an unpleasant surprise:
the electricity company is installing a new aerial high voltage line (15
very close to my future shack (about 4m).
I'm not sure if I can stop the process (they are already instaling the
pillars)... I'll have to check the legal issues.
However, if I couldn't stop them, the question is: is it worth to
built the house, whose main reason was to include a "dream shack"???
Saying it another way, what will be the effect of the power lines
on my sat/hf equipment???
A friend of mine said I'll be deaf, but I would like to see some
document explaining the effects???
Does any of you have experience on this field???
Can you point me to a good info source???

Or it's better to forget the place, and sell it to a non-ham?
Damm... just when I thought I had find the perfect "360º free" spot.
Oh well...

Thanks for your attention.
Sorry any inconvenience.

Best 73
F.Costa, CT1EAT
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