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RE: FO-29

From:  David M. Tipton, PhD[SMTP:tiptond@psi.com]

> Is anybody on the reflector really active on FO-29?  I've listened a
> few  times, can hear the bird, but never any activity.  Same holds
> true for the RS birds.  Yeah, I know there has been a few relative
> new comes on the  RS-15, but I've never heard anyone on the passes.

One of the big problems IMHO is that FO-29 runs an irregular schedule and as
a result of that people get out of the habit of looking for the bird.
Although the schedule is published in advance, it often does not make the
mode changes at the scheduled time.  Of course for the past month (give or
take a little) it's been in digitalker mode most of the time which can make
a nice demo, but for the active satellite operator, after you have heard it
once, it's about as lively as a TV test pattern.
Actually I really like FO-29 because the performance seems to be better than
FO-20 when it's in analog mode.  I really like FO-20 and FO-29 both - I also
wish more people were using them...  OK, granted the pass times are not real
great as the daytime passes are while most of us are at work, and the
nighttime passes are in the middle of the night when most of us are asleep
:-(.  I try to make as many weekend passes as my schedule allows however...

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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