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Re: 10m and RS-13 Infomercial

When you tire of just listening.... for around $200 or a little less, you can 
buy a used  2 m all-mode of the IC-290A variety (and many other 80's mobile 
rigs) and be full-duplex mobile on mode A.  They are plentiful on qth.com and 
Jerry, K5OE

> Bought one of the $149 R.S. All mode rigs last week.  Am impressed with
>  the rig, but have been not overly impressed with 10m while mobile.  BUT
>  today, finally got around to checking VSWR of my CB antenna and found it
>  was junk.  Couldn't tune to better than 8:1 even in the CB band, much less
>  10m!
>  Built a 10m dipole out of two 8' whips and tried it on an 8 foot mast by
>  my car on the last RS-13 pass..  WOW!  Signals were at least 10 dB better,
>  and I could hear everything there was on RS-13.  At least 3 CW and 3 voice
>  QSOs (during a workday lunch hour).  This is great news.
>  We use the AMSATS in some of our Antenna and Satellite student labs, but
>  all the interesting AMSATS come over only in the morning.  THe afternoon
>  students don't get anything except RS-13 and 15 and we have been
>  hesitant to take our $2000 HF rig outdoors for these demos.  But, now,
>  with the $149 RS all mode rig and a battery, we can now demo these analog
>  birds as well.  
>  Neat band.  Neat radio.
>  Bob
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