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OFF TOPIC. Hard Disk Drive Problem.

Please excuse the off topic post. Replies and flames should be sent to me
direct off the group.

 In order to fit 3 OS's ...W95, Linux & BeOS on one machine, I've updated
the HDD. The "box" is Pentium Pro 180, 64Mb RAM, AMI Bios dated 07/15/95,
Intel Natoma PCI chipset.

The problem is the Bios only supports 8Gb hard drive, the smallest I could
get is 10Gb Seagate, 16383 cyl, 16 heads, 63 sectors, LBA 20,005,650. Is
There any way around this that I can retrieve the missing 2Gb?

Thanks in advance, and again sorry about the off-topic post. I have in the
past found this group to be a goldmine of information.

Norm, VK2XCI.
Mount Hope NSW. Voice of the Edge of The Outback
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