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RE: Re: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal for maximizing fm le o contacts)

On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Peter D. Bayne wrote:

> Bob et al, actually not only are there 23 cm handhelds but the 16 element 
> yagi's can be easily handheld as well...

Thanks, if the 16 ele yagi has 16 dBd gain then I calculate that 1W
on 23cm and that antenna will be equivalent to about 4 watts and the 7
element ARROW antenna on 70 cm.  Assuming equivalent antennas on the bird.

The noticible difference however will be the almost 50 KHz (10 steps) 
worth of doppler AND the beamwidth will be less than half as wide meaning
much harder to point.



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