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10m and RS-13 Infomercial

Bought one of the $149 R.S. All mode rigs last week.  Am impressed with
the rig, but have been not overly impressed with 10m while mobile.  BUT
today, finally got around to checking VSWR of my CB antenna and found it
was junk.  Couldn't tune to better than 8:1 even in the CB band, much less

Built a 10m dipole out of two 8' whips and tried it on an 8 foot mast by
my car on the last RS-13 pass..  WOW!  Signals were at least 10 dB better,
and I could hear everything there was on RS-13.  At least 3 CW and 3 voice
QSOs (during a workday lunch hour).  This is great news.

We use the AMSATS in some of our Antenna and Satellite student labs, but
all the interesting AMSATS come over only in the morning.  THe afternoon
students don't get anything except RS-13 and 15 and we have been
hesitant to take our $2000 HF rig outdoors for these demos.  But, now,
with the $149 RS all mode rig and a battery, we can now demo these analog
birds as well.  

Neat band.  Neat radio.

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