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RE: Re: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal f or maximizing fm le o contacts)

Peter D. Bayne <pbayne@mhtc.net> wrote:

>In a similar vein, I am currently unaware of FM birds
>operating on 23 cm. I know that P3D is designed for 23 cm
>but that is SSB (fortunately) and uplink only.

It's actually a linear transponder, so it will retransmit
anything, in any mode, that it receives in its passband.
Personally, I'm hoping that this will be a handy way for
people to play with interesting digital stuff. Trellis-coded
modulation, anybody?

>As far as 2.4 GHZ, there are readily portable yagis available
>but no HTs.
>A need for the future?
>Ideas and comments?

Why HTs? Why not figure out how to solve the problem before
you start constraining what the solution must look like?

Why yagis? Circular polarization is the way to go, and a
viable antenna is about the size of my forearm. If a simpleton
like me can make one out of sticks and crazy glue for less
than $10 and pick up microwave ovens with it, the Real
Engineers around here should be able to do at least as well.

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