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Re: PC Clock problem.

 I messed with this problem for over a  year. Finally fixed it by
shutting down the screen saver in windows,display properties, screen
saver, Also you need to goto system , system devices, power management
support, then disable in this hardware profile. The problem is  an
incompatibility with your monitor and windows. The problem exists in 95,
and 98. When I installed windows 98 special addition the problem
disappeared. I never tested with windows 2000. my problem  was I also run
APRS on the same computer, with a WX station, system would slow down
,WINAPRS would start sending out bad WX, alarms etc. Got alot of flack
from the whiners on APRS!   Here is a great site for evaluating PC time
problems. Run the viewcmos program to see the time differences you are
experiencing. You will see the time slip is in the OS.


73 Jeff kb2wqm

On Sun, 20 Aug 2000 17:16:21 +1200 fredk@kcbbs.gen.nz writes:
> Hi Guys,
>              Has anyone experienced problems with the PC clock 
> losing time when running WiSP?   I have an experimental second 
> station running WiSP round the clock and am dogged with an 
> intermittent slow running clock problem.   All seems to be well for 
> a 
> period -  2 to 3 weeks on occasions - and then for some reason the 
> PC clock starts to lose; and I mean lose!    14 secs per minute on 
> one occasion! (Measured by opening up the Windows clock which 
> is no mean feat as the mouse pointer has a mind of its own - no 
> doubt a spin off of the timing problem.)   Since removing every 
> vestage of the loaded WiSP prog. two weeks ago and reloading 
> with the latest version downloaded on the same day, it has 
> behaved itself. On checking this morning the PC had lost just over 
> 4 minutes since last nights passes of KO-25 and UO-22 - which it 
> ran properly . UO-22 is set to update the clock incidently but as it 
> had lost so much overnight it failed to do so during this mornings 
> early passes. Assuming that the clock was corrected on the last 
> pass last night it suffered its 4 minute loss in the space of about 
> 10 
> hrs.   Quite mild compared to previous losses but more that 
> enough to screw up the project!
>     On shutting the PC down and re booting the PC time corrects 
> itself and away we go again - but for how long?   The PC's only 1 
> year old - Pentium 3 and is running Windows 98. It is dedicated to 
> the sat. station - no junk software.   It is LAN connected but the 
> problem comes up both with and without the LAN plugged in the 
> wall.      Incidently, prior to the reload a different mother board 
> was 
> installed just to be sure.    
>    Anyone had the problem?  Alternatively, can anyone tell me how 
> I can identify what's 'preoccupying' the clock - or whatever?   
>  73
> Fred
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