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Re: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal formaximizing fm le o contacts)

> > 10 meters UP with users using 25 watt Radio Shack $139 10m rigs
> > 2 meters down for minimum doppler and greatest link budget

John Ogden wrote:
> Ah but, Bob.  There is a problem here.... To transmit in the Satellite
> band on 10 meters, you need to have a General or Extra class license...

Hummh... But since the ITU satellite band covers the entire 10m band, then
the uplink could conceivably be in the old NOVICE/TECH 10m subband.  THus
they could play.  But with the recent restructuring, didnt almost all
Novices and TECH-PLUS's upgrate to general?  SO I guess putting it in this
TECH+ subbband for such a small percentage of users would be of negative
value, since that is a BUSY portion of the band anyway and would be too
much QRM...

Just a thought...

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