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Yippee! First QSO on RS-13!

Well, it's been a long struggle doing this and that getting moved into
our new house here...


 ...and finally a separate room for my computing lab and shack (my partner Gwen
KB3DVJ has her own room for such here now too. Much fussing and experimenting
with antennas,(which is *far* from over, in fact
I have a used G-5400 on it's way here as I write).

But doggonit I'm *pumped* finally having gotten onto *something* besides
the Mode JA birds (AO-27/UO-14 with a handytalkie and Arrow), and now
the sat modes of my FT-847 are finally gonna start earning their keep.

I just worked W0SAT Jerry on RS-13 orbit 47847 0415 UTC, sigs rcvd 5x3 sent 5x9
(gee you sound good)...and I can't say how tickled I am! 

Doing sat work indoors, sitting in a comfy chair, with a desk and computer in
front of me, even a footpedal for PTT instead of juggling
Arrow/HT/Paper/Pencil/Clock/Prediction sheet/etc/etc/etc...in rain/blazing
sun/rain/what have you. This is almost civilized!

Not to mention not feeling as crowded as fifty people in a phone booth on a
single-channel FM sat.

Thanks much, Jerry...and the QSL will be at your callbook address soon!

 73 to all...Maggie KB3DXS <bounces up and down with glee>

P.S. I only need Hawaii for 40M SSB WAS....anybody out that way on the list?

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