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Re: proposal for maximizing fm leo contacts

Hello Joel.

18 Aug 00 05:23, you wrote to All:

 JB> Sorry folks, the FM birds have a special fascination for me,
 JB> especially when telling local hams that I have communicated via
 JB> satellite with an HT and rubber-duck (albeit, aftermarket).  As a
 JB> matter of fact, I worked SO35 (not with an HT and rubber duck,
 JB> although I could have) last night and worked six stations, three were
 JB> new, one was a new grid.  HP1BSL was also in there, but he didn't hear
 JB> me until the pass was too low for me.

That's the best p[art of FM operation, the extreme portability that is
possible.  I am known to carry around a pair of HTs, armed with aftermarket
antennas (5/8, etc) if I'm out when a satellite pass is due.  Many friends have
been treated to an impromptu demonstration of satellite comms from the street
corner, and usually leave with a sense of amazement. :-)

Sadly, the gear to do the same on SSB isn't on the market yet. :-(

 JB> I can't believe you folks who work contests don't like working the FM
 JB> birds. Heck, it's like working a contest everytime one flies over!

That's for sure!  Actually, we recently had the Remembrance Day contest down
here.  It was much easier getting on SO-35 in its peak than on the 2m FM
calling frequency just after the start time!  But it was all fun.  I was able
to manage 3-4 QSOs a minute in bursts, and the channel was probably turning
over 4-5 QSOs/minute for most of the night.  That's a lot of contacts in the
time of a typical FM satellite pass.

 JB> If you don't like the FM birds, there's a simple solution - DON'T WORK
 JB> THE FM BIRDS!  Me, I love 'em when I get a chance to work 'em.

I like them too.  I do look forward to the challenge of portable SSB operation
though - No computers or Az/El rotors here, just a couple of radios, suitable
antennas, pass information, and experience. :-)


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