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Re: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal formaximizing fm le o contacts)

I have a HTX-10 myself, and you're absolutely right.  It's a bargain!

Taking this to the final extreme, the BEST satellite for the CHEAPEST
ground station might be an INBAND 10m SSB satellite.  Advantages are:

   1) One radio
   2) With an inverting transponder, you get NO DOPPLER
   3) with no doppler you get instant QSY all over the passband
   4) On 10m you get maximum link budget for minimum satellite power

BUT, there are two problems:

   1) It would need to be a split-tethered dual satellite to get a few
      hundred feet separation between the XMTR and the RCVR.  But this
      can be done.  Also, this provides gravity gradient stabalization
      for an easy vertical polarity to mobiles.

   2) You go up LSB and come down USB.  Lets assume that someone will
      figure out a single-wire mod to hook the PTT to the SIDEBAND
      switch to make it change between USB and LSB on transmit.

But imagine the popularity of this Satellite.  Anyone with $149 and a CB
whip antenna can work it a few times a day.  Now that is an EASY-SAT..
And a good satellite design challenge.  Lets call this MODE-I for INBAND.

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