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Re: proposal for maximizing fm leo contacts

Hello Jon.

18 Aug 00 07:18, you wrote to Joel Black:

 >> I can't believe you folks who work contests don't like working the
 >> FM birds.
 JO> I don't like working FM for contests.

Funnily enough, it doesn't worry me.  I will contest in whatever mode's being
used (as far as voice modes go, my CW isn't contest grade yet :) ).  The
biggest problem with FM for contesting is the capture effect, which can wipe
out a weak station you're exchangeing numbers with.  However, I find the
presence of a carrier makes timing easier, if one has developed the reflexes to
jump on the channel the instant it's open.  For me, much the same applies to a
congested FM bird (I've almost forgotten what a congested satellite sounds like
- 2 or 3 in a ragchew is the rule here these days, otherwise the birds fall

 JO> Yes, the FM birds are fun.  I do like playing on them sometimes.  But
 JO> there are better modulation formats for space communication than a
 JO> single channel. And there is more to satellites than FM!  The people

True.  I haven't been collecting transverters for nothing. :-)

 JO> frustrated with the QRM should move to a linear transponder where
 JO> there is the free air.  That is what my point originally was in all
 JO> this.  FM birds are great for mobiles, portables, grid rovers, etc.
 JO> THEY HAVE THEIR PURPOSE!!  Yes, they do.  But
 JO> they aren't the end all and be all that they are marketed as.

I have no problem with this.  One should try a variety of satellites.  I enjoy
FM operation, our quieter conditions make it a pleasure.  I also enjoy
(attempting) SSB operation, the main frustration being it is usually an
exercise in praticing Doppler tuning, long CQ calls and general station
testing, as it's hard to get a reply, unless you tee up a sked. :-(

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