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Re: Equipment Costs / Conditions

Hello Gary.

18 Aug 00 07:54, you wrote to All:

 GM>     Someone mentioned RS-10, I had to smile.  I have many fond
 GM> memories of the bird!  Mode A is much easier to work from within an

That would have to be one of the best birds I can remember.  I started out on
RS-10, with a friend's Icom all mode into a 2m Ringo antenna.  The downlink was
a random length of wire feeding an FRG 7700 receiver.  Had a few contacts that
way.  RS-13 doesn't seem to be quite as easy to work.

 GM> apartment than B or J!  I worked 41 states from my apartment in Las
 GM> Cruces, NM before moving. The best ten meter antenna I had consisted
 GM> of wire loop run around the room where the wall meets the ceiling.
 GM> This fed an old garage sale special short-wave receiver.  I tried
 GM> crossed ten meter dipoles hanging from the ceiling, but it never
 GM> worked as well.  On two meters I ran my trusty Yaesu FT-480 R into a
 GM> turnstile.  Tracking info was Commodore 64 generated.

Interesting setup.

 GM>      All I had to adjust for was doppler.  No antennas to point.  No
 GM> ugly pile ups to face.  Before I operated that big money station I had
 GM> a much cheaper mode A setup, but that is another story.

It's interesting to hear the old stories.  I didn't have that much time on
RS-10, but I also have fond memories of that bird, and would like to have
access to another one which is as easy to work with lashed together gear. :)


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