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Re: FM vs SSB

Hello kermit.

18 Aug 00 04:26, you wrote to All:

 k>    The REAL point is that with SSB you would have not only have an
 k> effective 10 Db better chance on the bird, you also would be there

Actually, you don't, because the transponder power is divided between all of
the stations on the downlink, so your "share" is 1/10th or less.

And if you don't have sufficient uplink power, your downlink signal also
suffers and fades away, unlike the single channel birds, where a weak signal
just appears noisy, but is still received at the same strength on the ground as
a full quieting one.

 k> because of the lack of a capture effect!! If you are limited in
 k> antennas, power and so forth..... SSB gives a much greater advantage
 k> than does FM!

A single channel SSB bird would, linear transponders don't seem to offer the
same advantages, except for the lack of capture effect, as the available power
has to be shared between more users.


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