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Re: FM vs SSB

Hello Christopher.

17 Aug 00 22:23, you wrote to All:

 CP> There are other factors to consider in this argument over which is
 CP> better FM Vs SSB on the birds. I don't know what the percentage is,
 CP> but many of us live in cities and communities that cause limitations
 CP> in what one can do in our hobby. I for one live in an apartment, which
 CP> limits what I can have for antennas. I can work the fm repeaters and

I'm in the same boat also.  I simply go portable with a beam. :-)  However, I
am almost ready to attempt SSB operation.  As soon as I get back from Tasmania,
I will be modifying one of my transverters to work with the HF rig I've just
purchased, and then I'll be having some fun on the Fujis.... PORTABLE! :-)

This summer's going to be a big satellite summer, when the weather improves
down here.


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