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Re: while we're wishing

Hello Jon.

18 Aug 00 18:16, you wrote to Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield:

 >> While we're wishing.  How about a world wide allocation on the 220
 >> MHz band?
 JO> How about just having a commercially made all mode radio with 220 MHz
 JO> in it. I'll take that as a first step!  Then we can do a world wide
 JO> thing.  THAT would be cool!

Hmm, I don't see 220 MHz coming down here in a hurry.  That wonderful invention
called digital TV has just ensured that 220 MHz will remain entrenched in TV
broadcasting for many years to come! :-(

The brighter side is that in 2008, 6m will finally be free of the limitations
imposed by channel 0 TV, and we stand a chance of getting unrestricted access
to the full 4 MHz.


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