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Re: FM vs SSB

on 8/18/00 8:04 PM, Christopher E. Phelps at n2yqp@flash.net wrote:

>From: "Christopher E. Phelps" <n2yqp@flash.net>
> I had inquired about the feasability of working other sats such as AO-10
> from my balcony but was discouraged by what other operators told me about
> the size of antennas and amount of power needed to capture the ssb birds.
> Not to mention the sensitivity needed to hear them. But then again  remember
> an operator friend back in NY that told me the same about the fm birds. It
> really surprised me when I first saw Jerry Schmitt (KK5YY) demo the Arrow
> with an ht at the Socorro,NM hamfest several yrs ago and hooked me onto it.
> Once P3D gets up and running ? I will again explore the possibilities of
> what I can really do.


You CAN work AO-10 from your balcony.  When the bird has a perigee pass
every few weeks, you can most definitely work it with an Arrow and a few
watts.  I wish there were some more birds at that altitude all the time, but
there aren't (it might be near the radiation belt or whatever).  Anyhow, it
has a nice size footprint then and doesn't move too fast and signals are
usually strong.  I think perigee is some 1000 miles or something like that.

However, when the bird is at Apogee, some 25,000 miles out there, the arrow
won't cut it.  You just need more gain.

The LEO birds are all at a few hundred miles.  That's why you can work them
so easily.


Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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