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Re: Is the new FT-817 at least one solution to our problems?

Here is FT-817 specification. I asked Yaesu crews about cross band
operation. They answered it cannot operate in cross band mode.

Band: HF, 6m, 2m, 70cm
      General Coverage 0.1-30MHz, 76-108MHz(WFM only)
Mode: SSB, CW, FM, AM
Output Power: 5W(SSB, CW, FM), 1.5W(AM) @13.8V
              2.5 or 5W(SSB, CW, FM), 1.5W(AM) @8xAA batteries
                                            or @9.6V Ni-Cd
Packet connector: 1200bps, 9600bps
Antenna connector: BNC(front), M(rear)
                   This means two antennas can put on the RIG.
Size:135(W) x 38(H) x 165(D) mm
Weights: 900g
Accessories: Hand MIC, 6m/2m/7cm whip ANT, Sholder belt

ICOM IC-910 and KENWOOD All-Mode Multi-Bander(same as exhibited at
Dayton, still no production number) are also rolled out at Ham Fair
in Yokohama.
IC-910 is compact V/UHF transceiver which is successor of IC-821. Of
cource it has satellite mode. Band is 2m, 70cm and 24cm. 24cm is
option. Outout power is 50W @2m, 70cm and 10W @24cm.
Though KENWOOD's new RIG has satellite mode, sub band works as only FM
and AM. It will be OK for FM and FSK digital birds but there is no
luck for SSB birds.

JN1GKZ Masa   Tokyo Japan
   jn1gkz@jamsat.or.jp     http://www.din.or.jp/~m-arai/

>Today at Yokohamaエs Ham Fair 2000 I saw at the Standard-Yaesu boot a very 
>interesting equipment: FT-817 all mode *portable* transceiver.
>It is very small (13.5W x 3.8H x 16.5D cm) and weights only 900 grams!!!. 
>Modes: USB, LSB, AM, FM, FM-N, and packet conecctions for 1200 and 9600.
>It has BNC conector on the front and comes with a small antenna.  Also has 
>a "traditional" coax conector on the back.
>It puts out 5 watts when using 13.8 volts and about 2 watts when use with 
>batteries (AA batteries OK).  It operates split and have VFO A/B 
>capabilities but since I canエt read Japanese and the explanation I received 
>in english was limited (on both sides) I donエt know if it can operate cross 
>band at least.
>It will be available in Japan in September at about +/- $US1,100 (but 
>radios here seems to me more expensive than in the US).  They will start 
>their marketing campaing in the US in October. They told me that probably 
>will be available in the US by December.
>If it can work cross band and 2 watts are enough would be interesting to 
>operate the Fujis with an Arrow and maybe RS-13 with an Arrow and something 
>73 de Ramon, XE1KK
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