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Re: Ragchew on LEO FM birds

Jon Ogden wrote:

> You may understand computers but you don't understand FM radio technology.

Yes, I do understand FM, and capture effect in particular. That's why I offered
the analogy of a terrestrial repeater. I was talking about operating courtesy
and good practice, not technical issues. 

> And why should I not try to build a great station with plenty of ERP?  What
> is unethical about that?  

Nothing. In fact, to the extent that a clearer signal on the bird is a more
effective use of channel time, a strong, well-engineered station is A Good

> So then I am unethical in your book simply because I am using the station 
> that I have at my disposal. 

That depends *how* it is used. For someone to use *their* station to dominate a
busy satellite station that *isn't* "at their disposal", just because they
*can*, is the ethical issue I was talking about. I was not referring to anyone
in particular; however I encourage those whom the shoe fits to wear it.

The available spectrum--as well as satellite stations lofted for *everyone's*
use--don't become anyone's property by virtue of the earth station they build.
Allocated spectrum and the sats are still *shared* resources, and recognizing
that isn't socialism. 

"O! it is excellent to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it
like a giant."-Measure for Measure: Act II, Scene II. 

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