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FM Satellites On Friday Night

I just finished working my first SO-35 pass in a long while.  When new, and 
in mode B, this bird was an unfortunate example of everything that was wrong 
with FM birds.  Tonight, however, I noted a "kindler, gentler" bird:  hearing 
27 calls, including 5 VE's, an XE, and an HP1.  I recognized some of the 
calls from this BB as well as some old friends from the SSB birds.  I 
personally said at least "hello" to 14 of those fine, well mannered ops, and 
had a nice chat with the guys south of the border when we were the only ones 
left on the transponder.  There was plenty of courtesy and patience.  When a 
specific call was made, it was obvious other ops stood by for a second or two 
(that's all folks) to give the called station a chance to respond.    There 
was even some white noise in the last half of the pass!  I just want to point 
out that these birds are amateur satellites as well as any other and they 
work as well as any other--just differently.  

I personally enjoy HF contesting and agree with that comparison--except I 
don't have to stay up all night and time my bathroom runs to the 10-minute 
rule :-)  UO-14 comes by in a couple of hours and if I don't fall asleep on 
the sofa, I'll be there....
Jerry, K5OE
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