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Re: No 10m - 6m satellite allocations!

1. All frequencies are shared frequencies world wide, no one or no
group has exclusive rights to any amateur radio frequency.
2. LEO satellites only use a band for a maximum of 1 hour per day.
3. LEO down links would have minimal impact.
Since most Amateur Radio operators are friendly and courteous people, 
we would welcome a more efficient sharing of the resources.

I am not suggesting any specifc band, just suggesting we need
to be open minded about sharing.

Miles WF1F

Tony Baldwin wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Mike Gilchrist >
> > The same bandplan designates these 2m frequencies:
> > 144.30-144.50 New OSCAR subband
> > 145.80-146.00 OSCAR subband
> >
> You MUST be joking, a satellite operating from 144.300 - 144.500 ??
> This is the SSB terrestrial calling and working frequencies AND the whole
> beacon band here in Europe.
> This would make us very popular with the weak signal SSB boys (of which I'm
> one).
> I sincerely hope nobody tries to utilise these freqs, either for uplink or
> downlink :-(
> Tony, EI2FSB.
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