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Re: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal formaximizing fm le o contacts)

> > My design thoughts for a new analog SSB satellite for newcomers is:
> > 10 meters UP with users using 25 watt Radio Shack $139 10m rigs
> > 2 meters down for minimum doppler and greatest link budget

Actually, since my last message, I decided I was in this up to my ears, so
I ran out to RatShack and bought one just to make sure it wasn't a snare
and a dilusion...  So far, with 15 minutes operating time, I am impressed
for $149.  It will make a nice all-mode tunable IF for whatever bands
become popular on P3D or any other analog bird.  (MODE-V or not :-))

It was fun just driving back from RatShack to tune around and hear DX from
Maine, FLorida, Calif, Michigan and the usual south americans... 

Ah,... a new toy.... and a cheap one at that.  By the way, I would never
put a $700 all mode in my car anyway, so this low cost approach might make
mobile satellite much easier simply because the risk is less...

Hummh, now I gotta add all those analog birds to my laptop tracker...


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