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Re: Ragchew on LEO FM birds

on 8/18/00 9:08 AM, Margaret Leber (KB3DXS) at maggie@voicenet.com wrote:

> I love to ragchew too, but there are times when it's appropriate, and times
> when
> it isn't. If folks think "ragchewing is the soul of ham radio" justifies doing
> it whenever they want, I suggest they wander into a contest pileup and try to
> engage the op there in discussion on that point.

If you think I am a ragchewer check some of the contest results from ARRL 10
meters, CQWPX SSB, ARRL VHF contests, ARRL RTTY Roundup and look for my old
call, KE9NA.  No further comments on that.

> The argument that "the op with the most ERP wins" is as ethically bankrupt as
> it
> would be here on the ground. Unless that large equipment budget included your
> own sat, of course...

You may understand computers but you don't understand FM radio technology.
When working with an FM bird, the op with the most ERP DOES win.  They will
win every time.  It matters not if you are running 0.5 Watts or 1500 Watts.
If you happen to have the biggest signal at the satellite, you will be the
one who gets through.  You may not always have the biggest signal, but if
you make it in, AT THAT POINT IN TIME, your ERP toward the bird was bigger
than anyone elses.  It is a FACT of the capture effect of FM.  You cannot
argue that.

And why should I not try to build a great station with plenty of ERP?  What
is unethical about that?  Given your statement I suppose that you also agree
with those politicians who say that those of us who do well in life should
be taxed so that the government can give our money to everyone else who has
no motivation to be the best they can be!

Now does that mean I have to run excessive power to hit the bird?  No. I use
common sense.  But if I run 5 Watts out of my rig (about my minimum) but
have a 20 dB gain antenna, that is 57 dBm ERP or 500 Watts.  So then I am
unethical in your book simply because I am using the station that I have at
my disposal.  Fine, I am the most unethical SOB on the planet then and proud
of it.  Don't bother to work me then if you hear my call since I am scum of
the earth in your book.


Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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