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RE: Hardware Options (was "Thoughts...")

Without offering any more opinions about different modes, etc., I wanted to comment on some of the hardware options for a "cheap and easy begginers sat station."  Of course, "cheap" and "easy" are a matter of definition.

- HTX-10, $139 new, nice size rig, but lacks CW (can you believe it?)
- HTX-100, abundant on ebay for about $80-100, has CW, but no LSB (making it useless for FO-20/29).
- Ten-Tec 1210 2 m transverter, $129 kit new and less used, easy to build and will work well.
- Hamtronics has 2 m and 70 cm receive converter kits that sell for about $59, very sensitive, but need filtering ahead of the inputs (or a selective preamp).

Unless you have some of this gear already, though, it might be easier and even cheaper to buy a used FT-726 (about $500) or an IC-820H (about $700) to get full V/UHF cross-band all mode capability.

Jerry. K5OE

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