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Re: No 10m - 6m satellite allocations!

Mike Gilchrist <mike@altphoneco.com> wrote:

>I believe the reason there is no mode "V"  :-) is because
>there is no allocation for satellite uplinks on 10m. The ARRL
>bandplan designates 29.300-29.510 for Satellite Downlinks.
>The same bandplan designates these 2m frequencies:
>144.30-144.50 New OSCAR subband
>145.80-146.00 OSCAR subband

Ahem. ARRL bandplans do not constitute international law.
Nor do FCC rules. Satellites, by their nature, require
international agreement on the frequencies they use.
This is what makes frequency coordination so hard.

The Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations specifies
the entire 10 meter band, 28.0 - 29.7 MHz for amateur
satellite operation, with no restrictions. Which is
the same as the ITU allocation, as I recall (the books
are at home)...

There are Amateur Satellite allocations that are restricted
for up- or downlink use, but this isn't one of them.

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