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Hi Group,

Just tried if my old JAS-1 PSK modem still worked after a long time.
I tracked AO-16, and the bird and my modem still seem to be working allright.
Too bad the BBS is closed. This is what AO-16 is recently transmitting:

fm PACSAT-1 to TLM ctl UI pid F0 [DAMA]
[BIN 122 Bytes]

fm PACSAT-1 to AMSAT ctl UI pid F0 [DAMA]
June 2000
S-Band off
PSK Tx power 1.5 watts
Digipeat is on
AO16 Command Team <WJ9F>

fm PACSAT-1 to LSTAT ctl UI pid F0 [DAMA]
I P:0x1D00 o:0 l:6654 f:7171, d:1 st:1

fm PACSAT-1 to STATUS ctl UI pid F0 [DAMA]
[BIN 24 Bytes]

fm PACSAT-1 to TIME-1 ctl UI pid F0 [DAMA]
PHT: uptime is 187/06:24:15.  Time is Fri Aug 18 09:55:16 2000

73 de ON1DLL Dirk

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