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RE: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal for maximizing fm le o contacts)

Bob wrote:
> > 1) SSB uplink on 10m needs only a Radio Shack 10m transceiver ($139).
> >    Mode A needs an all mode 2m rig ($700?)

Tony wrote: 
> Here, it's possible to buy secondhand 2m transverters for $70 or less (about
> $40 US), so cost is a moot point...

True, but if we are talking about designing an optimum mode to make it
easy for newcomers to get on the bird in SSB, then there are a lot more
Radio Shacks with $139 radios than the one or two $70 transverters that
you might  be lucky enough to find once a year at a hamfest...

Searching for this optimum SSB mode while weighing all factors is what has
caused me to come up with the 10m SSB UP <=> 2m DOWN idea.  I cant find my
Satellite Handbook, but is this mode already defined?  If not, for eas of
discussion, maybe we can call it "MODE V" which is an upside down "MODE A"?


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