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RE: Thoughts on future "FM birds"

Hi, Scott,

At 08:27 AM 18-08-00 -0500, BOWEN, SCOTT M. (JSC-CC) wrote:
>What about a 6m up or down link?

Frequencies we use come from frequency bands allocated by a competent 
meeting of national administrations called a World Radiocommunication 
Conference.  (Remember WRC 2000?)  The allocations, themselves, are entered 
into a Table of Frequency Allocations in the [ITU] Radio Regulations.

Domestically (USA), this table is included within the FCC's Table of 
Frequency Allocations (see 
- 47 CFR 2.106) and the NTIA's Manual of Regulations and Procedures (see 
http://www.ntia.doc.gov/osmhome/redbook/redbook.html - Chapter 4).  Other 
countries have similar domestic tables or use the Radio Regulations directly.

You'll note that amateurs have two radiocommunication services included 
within the Table: the amateur service and the amateur-satellite 
service.  Both services serve the same purposes.  However, allocations to 
the amateur-satellite service exist only in frequency bands where the 
amateur service is allocated world-wide or where special provision is made 
(as in 3400 3410 MHz).

The 6-meter band, unfortunately, is not available world wide.  Therefore, 
administrations have not made the frequency allocation there available to 
the amateur-satellite service.

And, that's why we can't use 6-meters for satellites.

For much more information about frequencies and frequency allocations, 
check out this IARU article: http://www.iaru.org/satellite/prospective.html.

Perhaps, some time in the future, a particularly wise WRC may look 
favorably upon changing the Table of Frequency Allocations.  But, that's a 
discussion for another time.

Hope this helps.

73, art.....

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