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Ragchew on LEO FM birds

On most terrestrial FM repeaters in metropolitan areas here in the US, it's
considered extremely discourteous to rag-chew during peak usage periods, usually
called "drive-time". The repeater resource is too precious for that, and nobody
gripes about sharing it.

An LEO FM bird is going to be in anybody's sky for 15 minutes at best. And when
the footprint includes a highly populated area such as the US East Coast at a
time when many ops are awake and waiting their turn, to monopolize the
transponder for chatter is nothing but selfish.

I love to ragchew too, but there are times when it's appropriate, and times when
it isn't. If folks think "ragchewing is the soul of ham radio" justifies doing
it whenever they want, I suggest they wander into a contest pileup and try to
engage the op there in discussion on that point. 

The argument that "the op with the most ERP wins" is as ethically bankrupt as it
would be here on the ground. Unless that large equipment budget included your
own sat, of course...

 73 de Maggie

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