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> Here is a very good point that a friend of mine has made about ham radio
> budgets:
> Q: How many of you have computers?
> A: Well, if you are reading this list, then you do.  So that's everyone.
> Q: How many computers have you purchased in your lifetime?
> A: I have purchased two brand new ones personally.
> Q: How much does the average computer, monitor, modem, printer, etc. cost?
> A: Probably in the range of $1000 to $1500 for a good system up to $3000
> more for a great one.

I would imagine most of use PCs in $400 to $600 range and get 8 to 10 years
out of them.  I would be delighted to get your old 386 or better for
shipping.  The other thing you fail to mention is the family factor.  My
wife and daughter use the computer.  My wife would "rather have a root canal
than do anything with those stupid radios" (her callsign is kb5vle, but we
were dating / not married then!).  Thus making no computer expense too great
and any radio expense too great.

Your radio value point is well taken.  I bought a Yaesu FT 480R used years
ago for $120.  They sell for almost $200 now on Ebay.

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