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Re: proposal for maximizing fm leo contacts

Sorry folks, the FM birds have a special fascination for me, especially when
telling local hams that I have communicated via satellite with an HT and
rubber-duck (albeit, aftermarket).  As a matter of fact, I worked SO35 (not
with an HT and rubber duck, although I could have) last night and worked six
stations, three were new, one was a new grid.  HP1BSL was also in there, but
he didn't hear me until the pass was too low for me.

I can't believe you folks who work contests don't like working the FM birds.
Heck, it's like working a contest everytime one flies over!  You wanna know
what's disgusting?  Trying to work DX to that island (wherever it was now)
earlier this year on AO10.  My setup is around mode J; I work AO10 near
perigee out to about 16,000km reliably.  It was at night, just before AO10
went into Earth's shadow, and we all know that AO10's batteries are dead.
This ham in the states insisted on monopolizing the DX station talking about
what he had for breakfast and how big is hemorrhoids were.  Just kidding
about the hemorrhoids, but that is about what it amounted to.  Needless to
say, I didn't work the DX station.  That was on a *SSB* bird!

If you don't like the FM birds, there's a simple solution - DON'T WORK THE
FM BIRDS!  Me, I love 'em when I get a chance to work 'em.

Joel, K2SAT

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