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Re: FM vs SSB

 Your local friend gave up too easy. If there were no prior restraint
factors (i.e. restrictive use clauses) in his property deed, then
he could have taken his case before the government board and 
sited the FCC's power in this matter to win approval for his antennas.
Apartment dwellers and people with restrictions in their deeds are
out of luck, I fear, but others have grounds to fight if they
so choose.


On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Christopher E. Phelps wrote:

> Hi All,
> There are other factors to consider in this argument over which is better FM
> Vs SSB on the birds. I don't know what the percentage is, but many of us
> live in cities and communities that cause limitations in what one can do in
> our hobby. I for one live in an apartment, which limits what I can have for
> antennas. I can work the fm repeaters and the packet digi's for within my
> space without having access to outside antennas ( I even worked UO-14 &
> AO-27 sitting on my living room floor with my HT and Arrow). If not in an
> apartment, there are more and more communities that are restricting what you
> can erect on your property, in the way of antennas and such, that a lot of
> us don't have the option of working anything but the fm birds. We have a
> local Ham that bought a piece of property in an area of minimum population,
> got permits to erect his towers, and is now in a long drawn out court battle
> because his neighbors went to the town board and objected to his erecting
> those towers. They canceled his permit and he was told not to go any further
> with his project. I have seen it on the sigs many times about Amateurs
> running into these kind of restrictions more and more. I can go out on my
> balcony or over to the school yard across the street to do my sat contacts
> and not have to worry about a permanent antenna structure. Oh I would like
> to work the other birds, but in my present local AO-27 & UO-14 is all I
> have. I know it can be very discouraging and frustrating trying to get in
> with my meager two watts, especially when on the road trying to give those
> whom want them, the grids and counties I am passing though. I know in the
> end that there are some out there that appreciate my efforts, and that is
> why I still do it. I know there were a couple times on my trip east that I
> almost said the heck with it all.
> 73 Chris N2YQP
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