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Re: Feed line help

At 00:53 2000-08-18 +0000, Anthony Monteiro wrote:

>Hi Sam,
>You can buy the "non-flooded" type RG-6 for about $0.09/ft
>if you shop around. RG-6 works very well for receiving
>applications especially if you use it behind a preamp. I have
>used it myself. The loss is a bit higher than 9913 but
>behind a preamp, you will not notice any difference in SNR at
>100' at 436MHz. RG-6 is made with a foam dielectric and is
>inherently "water proof" unlike 9913.

This is fine that ALL of you are saying that 75 ohm cable is fine for the 
receive side but not good for your transmit side. Now think about this, you 
have the same problem with the rx that you have with the tx and this is a 
swr of 1.5:1 to start with.You can't get any better than that!! That swr 
mismatch  has the same effect on BOTH sides. If you are saying that it 
isn't good for tx, but you say it is good for rx then something is WRONG 
here. I'm not looking at frequency at all. That is a different matter all 
by it's self when you start looking at the loss.

There isn't much of a difference between a flat match verses a 1.5:1 match, 
but there is a loss there so you have the SAME loss on RX as you do on tx. 
I don't know why no one has said anything about this with all the posts in 
this thread.


>Tony AA2TX@amsat.org
>North Andover, MA

73, Bill N4XEO

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